Download olproxy

Download olproxy directly from Github. Visit and download the first .zip file listed under the latest release.
Mac or Linux
You must compile a Mac or Linux version yourself.
  1. Download and install the latest .NET Core 2.2 SDK. Note that you want the SDK and not the runtime.
  2. Using git, clone the olproxy repository from
  3. Find the appropriate RID listed at for your system.
  4. Run the following command, replacing the <RID> with the one you found in the step above.
    dotnet publish --configuration Release --framework netcoreapp2.2 --runtime <RID> --self-contained
  5. To run olproxy, execute the file olproxy from the directory ./bin/Release/netcoreapp2.2/<RID>, again replacing the <RID> as above.

Using olproxy with a server

There is one additional step you must do to get your server listed on this site's server browser. There is a file distributed with olproxy called appsettings.json that you need to edit to get into the Overload Game Browser:
isServer: true,
trackerBaseUrl: "",
serverName: "roncli's Testing Server",
notes: "Contact for details!"
You must set isServer to true and ensure the trackerBaseUrl is to get listed. You should also set the serverName to name your server, and add any notes that you would like listed alongside your server within the Overload Game Browser.